Treasurer's annual report

This year the number of children in our care was on average per day 95 after school and 24 during the breakfast club, writes Allyson Doig. During the holidays/in-service days the average was 41.

The staffing level is currently 12 (we are recruiting at present). This is made up of a Manager, an Assistant Manager, 1 Breakfast Co-ordinator/ Playleader and 9 Playworkers.
Fees – Our annual budget review included a new model for forecasting our financial needs, developed by one of our Board members. The model allows us to accurately assess the short- and long-term financial implications of estimated costs and projected numbers of children. This makes it easier for us to provide a sound financial basis to minimise fee increases, whilst allowing HASC to run effectively and provide parents with good value for money.

We also reviewed our banking, but considered that our current Bank of Scotland Community Bank. which supports charities and voluntary organisations was meeting our needs. HASC accounts are audited annually by chartered accountants.