Parking, picking up and dropping off in White Street

Local residents are having problems with parents parking inconsiderately near the White Street entrance of the school.  At certain times during the day – 8-9am, 3.15pm and later in the afternoon between 4.30 and 6pm- residents are having difficulty entering and leaving their properties.

Car drivers are double parking and often entering the street when there already cars double parked, causing a traffic jam which again prevents residents entering and leaving their homes.

In addition, cars are being damaged in White Street and Gardner Street by careless drivers who speed off without leaving their details.  There are also safety issues for children on foot arriving and leaving school, and after school.

The head teacher will be contacting the community police officer with a view to helping us introduce some traffic calming measures and giving advice on best way to help alleviate the difficulties for our neighbours.

In the meantime we ask parents to please, whenever possible, park at the front of the school in Fortrose Street when picking up or dropping off children for Afty, Breakfast Club or during the holidays.  The front of the school has more parking (out-with school time) and no neighbours to disturb!

Thank you for your support with this.