General Election – Thursday 8 June

As you are all no doubt aware a General Election has been announced for the 8th June.  The schools will be closed to children on that day.  We, however, will be open!

Please book now if you wish your child to attend on that day.  We will be open from 8am until 6pm and welcome all children from our sister services and children from other schools if required.

For those who normally attend on a Thursday and pay through their standing order the charge for a full day will be £13.80.  (Booking still required!)  Otherwise the charge is £25.

Please remember packed lunch and don’t wear best clothes!  Also, if it is a nice day please put sun cream on your child before they attend.  We will offer top-ups during the day if we are lucky enough with the weather.

Breakfast and snacks will be provided.  Please remember, if giving treats (chocolate and crisps) to your child to remind them to save for lunch time.  We prefer our ‘healthy’ snacks to be eaten at snack time.

No booking form this time, but please email or phone if you wish your child to attend.