Care Inspectorate

TheĀ  Care Inspectorate, which came into being in 2011, will inspect Hyndland After School Club once every three years to ensure that we are operating within the law and in the best interests of your child.

The Inspectorate’s predecessor, the Care Commission, published its most recent report on HASC on 7 June 2010.

Our favourite quotes from earlier reports …

A child’s comment: “It’s fun”

A parent’s comment: “I believe they do the very best for my children. It is a happy and stimulating environment. They are always striving to improve, never making do”.

From the 2010 report …

“We found the children were cared for in a relaxed and caring environment.”

“We found the children to be comfortable and relaxed in their environment. The children got on well with staff and had formed positive relationships with them and with each other. The children had the opportunity to be involved in a range of activities.”

Parents’ comments in the 2010 report …

“I couldn’t ask for a better, safer service to care for my precious children.”

“Our child thoroughly enjoys Hyndland after school care especially the wide range of outdoor games and activities. This directly contributes to her health and well being. The strong emphasis on caring for out environment is much valued.”

“It has been a huge relief to know that my child is in such good hands. Ive watched my daughter grow in confidence. She is happy in the after school club.”

“The holiday programme is especially well planned with varied and exciting trips and activities. It is not just a place that children go until their parents finish work. It is a friendly, stimulating and fun environment”.

“Hyndland afty provides excellent care for my child. Staff work hard to provide a quality experience with stimulating and varied activities, room to be active outside, art and craft, games and space to relax with friends. I would happily recommend the service to any prospective new parents.”

“The kids get lots of different things to do indoors and out both fund and educational. Our experience has been consistently excellent.”

“We have been delighted with the Afty – a wonderful service and a great resource for working parents.”

“The Afty provides an excellent first class service to my child.”