2008 AGM: Treasurer's Report

This year the number of children in our care was on average per day 93 after school (including 18 children from Notre Dame) and 22 during the breakfast club, writes Charlotte Bryant. During the holidays/in-service days the average was 36.

HASC accounts are audited annually by chartered accountants. The outcome of both the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 audits provided external validation and confidence in the financial status and management of HASC finances.

The healthy financial situation can be attributed to excellent record keeping by Irene Smith, book keeper for HASC, good management practice by Fiona and Ross and support from the HASC Board.

The budget projection model developed last year by Laurence Williams, one of our Board members, proved highly successful in providing a realistic forecast of finances for 2007-2008 and we have continued to use this model to estimate the budget for 2008/2009.

These sound financial practices enable us to keep the fee increases reasonable, while continuing to provide high quality childcare and supportive employment.

Plans for the coming year include:

  • Implementing the comprehensive accounting software package SAGE, to further strengthen the security and organisation of HASC’s finances
  • Securing external funding (grants) for the next stage of buildings work.