2008 AGM: Chairperson’s Report

This year was again a very busy year for Hyndland After School Club, writes Gordon McCrae. All interior building work was completed with a new office located upstairs and new cloakroom space created allowing more floor space to be made available for activities. The Board will continue to plan and develop new ideas for the building and will maintain an overview of all situations regarding the building ensuring that we are aware of any proposed changes that would affect the service.

This year also saw the planned transition of new parent Board members taking over each of the key office bearer posts that they had been shadowing and so continuing the excellent work done by previous members. With the new Board members who joined at the AGM we feel confident that the Board will continue to lead HASC effectively, developing and embracing opportunities that change presents.

The Board and Staff have worked extremely hard again this year to ensure that the out of school care service we provide continues to meet high standards  whilst dealing with complex and difficult issues. During 2007/08 the challenges of running a popular and extremely busy Club, meeting the standards of the Scottish Social Services Council and Care Commission requirements were all met thanks to the dedication of all Board Members and Staff.

We feel confident that the Board will continue to develop and lead HASC effectively and embrace new opportunities that will develop over the coming year.