Hyndland After School Club

3.15 – 6 pm

Run of the Day

A typical day at our award winning after school club goes a little bit like this –

At 3:15pm, the school bell goes. The Primary 1 children are collected from their classrooms by our Playworkers (also known as Afty Staff).  Children in Primary 2 and 3 are registered by Playworkers in the school who then supervise their arrival at Afty.  Primary 4, 5, 6, and 7 children are given more independence, and make the short journey from the school to Afty by themselves. Playworkers will be at the front door to greet and register them.

All children will come to the Afty Club Hall (the white building at the left of the gym). Children can then store their bags and jackets in the cloakroom.

Snack Time

Once the children have put away their belongings, they are encouraged to have snack. Each day we will offer a different snack from our Healthy Living Award menu between 3:15pm and 4pm. After this, fruit, vegetables and fresh water will be available for the rest of the day for the children to snack on.


After snack, it’s time to play! We have access to the large top playground, the den building area, garden, school gym, and the clubhall itself. On occasion, we also have access to the school’s ICT room and the library.

We firmly believe in the importance of outdoor play. No matter the weather, we do our best to always offer outdoor play. If your child likes to get a bit muddy, please feel free to drop off some spare clothes that we can remind your child to change into, so they aren’t making a mess of their lovely uniform!


Each day at Afty, there are loads of activities going on. Many are created and self-directed by the children, and many are facilitated by our Playworkers. Each day, there will be at least one planned activity led by a Playworker, as well as the chance to take part in our weekly clubs, such as Cooking Club, Art Club and Lego Club.

A few examples of daily activities are –

Arts and crafts, baking and cooking, football, rugby and many other sports, imaginative play, tree climbing, den building, gym games, board games, slime making, loom bands, tig, and generally lots of running about!

We are always keen to hear what the children want to do, and will try our best to facilitate any type of play the children are interested in.

We try to limit the amount of time that children spend on electronic devices. We ask all children, staff and parent and carers to refrain from using mobile phones whilst at Afty. Tablets, computers, video games and movies will be available from 5pm. This is to encourage the children to be active for a good part of the time they are at Afty.

However, before the use of these devices, we do a Flash Tidy!

A flash tidy is when we get all the children together to help tidy up the Afty. We want to create a sense of community, team work, and responsibility, so staff and children work together for a quick 5 minutes, to leave the place tidy and kids free to concentrate on that all-important time with their devices!

We are open until 6pm, so you can collect your child at any point you wish during the 3:15pm and 6pm session.