Holiday Club

8 am – 6 pm during school holidays, except Christmas. Open to all schools but Hyndland, Notre Dame and Thornwood – our regulars – will get priority.

A typical day at the Holiday Club

Days in

We open our doors at 8am, and you can arrive at any time in the morning. However, our morning activity starts around 10am, so if you don’t want to miss out, please try and arrive before then. Make sure to bring a lunch, water, a jacket and a spare change of clothes if your child tends to get a bit muddy. It is important that their lunch does not contain any nuts/nut products.

If you are booked in for a half day, our morning session is from 8am – 1pm, and our afternoon sessions runs from 1pm – 6pm. Remember, on trip days, you are unable to book in for a half day.

We have breakfast available from our Healthy Living Award breakfast menu from 8:30am – 9:15am (9am on trip days). During Holiday Club, we have whole-wheat toast with a choice of spreads, fruit, milk and water available.


On days in, the kids have access to all areas of the club, for example, our playground, the clubhall, den building area, the garden and the school gym. Much like term time at Afty, there are lots of activities going on throughout the day. Many are created and self-directed by the children or facilitated by our Playworkers. We have 2 planned activities for the day, and if you’re not sure what activities are happening on the day your child is attending our Holiday Club, you can have a look at our Holiday Programme, which is emailed to you, and is also available to pick up at our registration table at the club. We have a wide range of planned activities during the holidays, some of the favourites are: fire building, den building, MasterChef, Afty Bake Off and our talent show. Some days, we have visits from entertainers such as comedians, magicians, dancers and Zoolab.

After breakfast, we open our outdoor area, and then our morning activity starts around 10am. The children can choose to join in on the activity or carry on playing freely. We stop playing and all help tidy up in preparation for morning snack time at around 10:45am. Morning snack is then served around 11am. We have healthy cereal, fruit, vegetables, milk and water available.

Once morning snack is finished, the kids can resume their activities and the organised activity can carry on until 12:20pm, when we begin to tidy up for lunchtime, which starts at 12:30pm. If it’s a nice day outside, we aim to let the children outside to have their lunch. If not, they can have lunch in the clubhall.

After lunch, we close the clubhall for a little while, so the children can all play outside. Then, the Afternoon activity begins around 2pm.

At around 3:15pm, we all help tidy up before we have Afternoon Snack, and then snack is served at 3:30pm. Each afternoon we will offer a different snack from our Healthy Living Award menu. After this, fruit, vegetables and fresh water will be available for the rest of the day for the children to snack on.

After snack, the children can continue their activities until they are collected. You can collect your child anytime until 6pm.

Swimming trips: On certain days in during holiday club, we offer a morning or afternoon swimming trip for children 8 years old and over.  Afty staff will accompany the children either to Clydebank Leisure Centre or to Scotstoun Leisure Centre for a swim. We ask that all children who wish to go swimming are confident swimmers and are 8 years old or over. Children aged 8 and under will stay at Afty and another activity will be planned for them.

Electronic devices at Holiday Club: Like term time, we try to limit the amount of time that children spend on electronic devices. We ask all children, staff and parent and carers to refrain from using mobile phones whilst at Afty. Tablets, computers, video games and movies will be available at specific times throughout the day. There are posters up around the clubhall to show the children when they can and can’t use their devices. During ‘off’ times, the devices must be switched off and kept in their bag or kept in the Afty Office upstairs. This is to encourage the children to be active for a good part of the time they are at Afty.

Trip days

We open our doors at 8am. On trip days, it is important that you arrive by 8:45am, so we can leave the Afty as early as possible to get the most out of our day out! Don’t forget to bring your lunch, a jacket, water and a spare change of clothes if your child tends to get a bit muddy. We ask that your child’s lunch does not contain any nuts/nut products.

We have breakfast available from our Healthy Living Award breakfast menu from 8:30am – 9am. During Holiday Club, we have whole-wheat toast with a choice of spreads, fruit, milk and water available.

We go on a range of outings during the holidays, for example, the beach, country parks, the science centre, adventure playgrounds and museums! How do we get there? Either by foot, coach or public transport.

Before we leave the Afty for the day, everyone grabs their bags, jackets and lunches and gathers in the clubhall, and then Mairi or Paddy will talk everyone through the day. The children are sorted into groups of 4 or 5, and every group will have a group leader, which is one of our Playworkers. The children stay with this group and their group leader throughout the day, but usually groups will pair up when we arrive at the venue. Whilst on the trip, the groups will spread out, but we all assemble for morning snack (when we arrive at the venue) and for lunch together at 12:30pm.

Each Afty staff carries a first aid kit and a snack bag for their group, which contains Sunbites, Popcorn, raisins and water. This will be available to the children for Afternoon snack, which we have on the trip as a group at about 3pm before returning to Afty.

On trip days, we aim to return to Afty between 4pm and 5pm, which is all dependent on traffic and our mode of transport. If you ask us on the morning of the trip, we should be able to give you a more accurate time!

Once back at Afty, all the children head upstairs to watch a film, or, if it’s a nice day, the children will head outside. As always, you can collect your child anytime until 6pm.

Please see Holiday information for parents and carers.